#KasambyoOn 7 things to make you Happier, more Productive and Fulfilled with Life Everyday

In today’s world, it is not hard to sink into unnecessary depression and life’s frustrations. Many people, across all ages, are struggling with self-fulfillment and happiness. Though everyone defines happiness differently, and it is hard to derive a common source of happiness, this list is derived from the life experiences of the greatest and happiest people who ever lived and from research on the psychology of happiness. It is my personal experience that incorporating one or all) of the tips below makes one happier, more productive and fulfilled with life.


“Meditation more than anything in my life was the biggest ingredient of whatever success I’ve had.” Ray Dalio- (Billionaire/Founder Bridgewater Associates- Largest hedge fund firm in the world)

Feed your soul everyday with spirituality – In his book ‘From Ambition to Meaning’, a celebrated spiritual leader and prolific psychologist, Dr. Wayne Dyer says that mediation or any form of progressive spirituality breeds happiness. As people grow older, they tend to value spirituality and they are observed to be happier. Meditation is a form of spirituality. Learning how to meditate and setting time to meditate everyday will make you join millions of people around the world who have discovered the energy, joy and relaxation that comes with meditation. Meditation amazingly and instantly increases your energy, calms your mind and soul while boosting your immune system. It is the best way to cure depression and get through a rough time. Learn how to meditate, and then do it for an hour every day.


You stop living the moment you stop learning.

The most successful people in life read every day, anything and everything. Reading makes for great entertainment and feeds the mind. Reading is the easiest way of learning in the 21st Century. A person who learns nothing cannot survive. It unveils new worlds never experienced or imagined before. Whatever your age, you will be more intelligent and fulfilled by picking and reading a book, whatever your age. Read the greatest novels ever written, read the Bible if you are a Muslim, read the Quran if you are a Christian, read a book on psychology, astronomy, history, you will be amazed how your life gets transformed.

Did you know there is a possibility of moving in time, to the future or to the past? Then read ‘A Brief History of Time by a contemporary theoretical physics genius Stephen Hawking.

Whether fiction or non-fiction, the internet is filled with free access to literature for you to read. Download Kindle or the Moon reader app from your phone, download eBooks and read every day. With time you will get to enjoy it, be more knowledgeable, happier, and productive in your life.

Take time to read, everyday.


Some say inside everyone, there’s a book. We all have a story to tell. It maybe through a song, a book, humour, drawing, poetry or other creative forms, regardless of form, just tell your story.

Man is in his element when he is creating and therefore creativity is the hallmark of happiness. Nothing would give you more joy than looking at your completed article or book, your drawing, a song you have sung or even a house you have built.

Take time to create something every day. Write every day, mould, draw, create a machine, create a blog on WordPress, take a passion in animal or nature photography, or record a song.

Just create things, and when they are complete, build others, that will definitely make you happy, everyday.

Learn New Skills/Have a New Experience Everyday

Make time to learn a new language, maybe French… or Spanish… or German or maybe learn a new accent. Learn how to play a musical instrument, maybe a guitar, how to drive, how to draw, how to play golf, or chess, or how to swim… every day.

Have a new experience every day, talk to new people, travel to new places, take a walk to a new place and appreciate nature. Just learn something new,, everyday.

Live Healthy

You affect your productivity and happiness and reduce your energy and moods when you skip a meal. A key part of happiness that people ignore is healthy dieting. Make sure you have the required amount of nutrients by check what you eat and drink. You will feel happier, fulfilled and act more energetic throughout the day.

Exercising daily- run, jog or go to the gym. Creating a workout plan will create more discipline in your life, boost your physical and mental energy levels and of course you will look great.

Keep off drugs- Alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana and all types of drugs alter the natural feel and functioning of your mind, soul and body. Quitting smoking will increase your senses, increases your energy and you feel happier and free in life.


Many who seek to be productive in life wrongly consider sleep as a period of inactivity. Sleep gives your body the needed rest to recreate and heal itself while helping your mind grow and store information acquired throughout the day. Sleep time is as important as your ‘awake’ time. It is not a period of inactivity but one of recharging yourself. People who sleep well every day fell like new-born every morning. Take 6.5 to 8 hours to sleep calmly and uninterrupted every day.

Keep Lists

Keep an everyday schedule – Your life only gets purpose through organization. Knowing what and when to do things frees one from distractions and procrastination. My schedule includes one hour of meditation at 4.00 am, an hour of writing, an hour of reading as I make breakfast, 30 minutes of morning grooming, then five hours for commitment activities such as work and lectures, a 30 minute lunch, two hours of activities in my to do list (such as visiting a friend, attending a meeting etc., prepare a presentation for a motivational talk, etc.) two hours of learning a new skill, then I have a 1 hour evening workout from 6.00 pm, an hour for dinner while listening to classical music, an hour from 8.00 pm to do any activities I carried home in the day (such as a work report, coursework, or marking student scripts when I’m teaching), then I have an hour of watching a movie, watching news and getting on social media before resting to sleep at 10.00pm.

Keep a budget to help you manage and control your finances. Further, keep a timed To Do List and appropriately fix those things in your activities section of your daily schedule in order to achieve them. My To Do List currently includes ‘Update my CV by this weekend’,’ Write UNDP research paper’ by 17th July, ‘Post Blog Article today’, ‘Do Online Course Topic Tomorrow’, ‘Go to Uganda by End of September’. Over the past month, I have achieved ‘ Learn French’ (making some good progress), ‘Learn how to Draw from Imelda’ (Done), ‘Buy New Boots’ (Done), ‘Date a girl I like’ (Almost done 😉 ) .

Setting timed goals and targets and putting them on paper is an effective way of motivating and tracking your progress toward their achievement.

People who do not keep a schedule do not have defined goals have, they have no direction in life and are less happy and less fulfilled with their lives.

Finally, whether you are studying or working, there is always time. If you create a schedule today, you’ll be amazed that you can find time to meditate, read, and have new experiences, be creative, exercise, work or study and sleep healthily, all in one day.

That is how to living a long, happy, productive and fulfilling life.

#KasambyoOn Terrorism

Congratulations to the Kenyan government (despite all criticism) for its committed efforts to fighting terror. However, as our experience has shown us, those efforts are not yet enough, nor are yours or mine. The question on our minds is how we can (assuming we can) end terrorism? Am not an expert on these matters, but I’ve been doing some digging… not on the battlefront but in the library.

The history of Terrorism, on many intricate basis, demonstrates the complexities of modern terrorism, including its large-scale geo-network, its clandestine organization, massive financing, among others. Benjamin Netanyahu, an Israeli politician in his book, Fighting Terrorism, deeply (and seemingly exhaustively)analyzes the counterterrorism means applied thus far, and espouses some new, interesting and theoretically effective methods to end terrorism by solving the challenges  it has articulated throughout history.

Abdul Karim’s Terrorism in Africa: The Evolving Front in the War on Terror reveals that, in recent history, the application of all those methods in experiences of fighting terrorism the world over have not ended it, rather that states’ increased efforts in fighting terrorism (in some ‘mysterious’ way) increase and strengthen terror, as is happening in Kenya. Let’s forget, for our sake, the propaganda that we are winning the war on terror, and face facts, it might take much more time, resources and as I will explain, methods. Of the three, the choice we make might determine our fate.

A military strategy classic On War by the late General Carl von Clausewitz tells us that you know you are losing a war when you start being on the defensive rather than on the offensive, a fact reinstated by a current Yale Professor James Whitman, in The Verdict of Battle: The Law of Victory and the Making of Modern War (2013). And yes, Kenya is becoming more reactively defensive than offensive, which might mean we are not winning. So are our strategies and methods wrong?

I went further and read Phil Rees’ book on his decades experiences living and, Dining with Terrorists, that made me realize an extensively and consistently disregarded hard fact that the war on terrorism is not conventional war. Terrorism doesn’t employ or adhere to the codes, rules and strategies of military engagement. Those old standard conventions of historical combat therefore cannot be used to fight terrorism. Terrorism is not a war you can fight and end with guns only, unless all you intend to achieve is avenging. Probably why sending our brave, competent and equipped armies to Somalia and using conventional military tactics to fight terrorism has not worked enough thus far, and might not sufficiently work. What other means can we use to fight terrorism?

I then introduced myself to Dave Crossman’s On Combat: The Psychology and Physiology of Deadly Conflict in War and Peace and its psychological perspective on the motives and exercise of war, arguing that, fortunately, unconventional wars can be rationally understood and won by deeply studying and counteracting the psychological motives of the enemy combatants, irrespective of the actual means they use. To illustrate simply, throwing a shoe at you does not necessarily mean I want or love to throw the shoe, nor does it mean I hope to achieve anything by throwing the shoe at you. It is an irrational means, rooted in my view (or misunderstanding) of a particular situation. Throwing a shoe back at me does not solve the problem, rather makes me want to throw two more shoes at you (which I will, if I still sustain my view that makes you the enemy, even if I have to borrow those shoes). However, exploring my view of the situation, and then changing or manipulating that view, will either convince me or force me to stop the shoe-throwing.  Now read the illustration while replacing the word shoe with the word bomb.

James Horgan narrows this argument to the inquiry of the motives of terrorists in his book The Psychology of Terrorism, stating that an understanding the mind of a terrorist can assist in the fight against terror.  It led me to inquire whether instead of our seemingly ineffective or insufficient military-political and economic war on terrorism, adding psychological, moral, cultural strategies to the fight against terrorism could be more effective in finally ending terrorism.

I think the birth and breeding ground of terrorism is ideology, be it moral, political, economic, religious or otherwise.  Can we propagate moral (or immoral) ideas as weapons to counter those of terrorists? Could we breed religious ideologies that eat up or neutralize those of religious extremists?  Can we use these same ideological mechanism terrorism is founded on to end terrorism?  Or are our guns having a better effect?

#KasambyoOn Is God Dead?

Friedrich Nietzsche in The Gay Science rather dramatically announces the death of God. This is however not reference to the physical or literal death of God but the death of religion as a moral compass and the ultimate source of knowledge on the advent of science. The same fallacy that God is in religion is committed today by Christians, Muslims and all other religions as did Nietzsche in failing to detach God from religion, hence murdering God in the process of killing religion. This fallacy has been propagated throughout history as religions battle each other over whose God is greater and as they seek to survive by recruiting new followers. History is ripe with everyday examples of these religious battles-The Crusades(1105-1127), Sudanese Wars (1955-2005), the Inquisition (I can’t remember the dates), French Wars of Religion (1562-1598), German Peasant War in the 1500s, Lebanese War (1975 to date), the 30 Years War (from 1918), the 80 Years War (from 1568) to name only but a few. The utter ruthlessness and destruction of life by humanity fighting over religion, not only heightens my skepticism to religion as the moral compass of life, but begs the question, if at all these Gods exist or are still alive, why do they need fighting for? As it stands, religion is the most probable the demise of humanity from the universe. God and religion might be two different and conflicting entities. That every man struggles to exceed rival religious outlooks to convince him and other men that God is inside his religion, confirms man has vainly strived to search for God throughout millenniums, and has in reality not found him yet. It is man’s futile search for God and frustration at his inability to do so, that gives rise to religion, as different men try to find God in different ways, which would explain the multiplicity of different Gods and religions and millions of sects within all religions, all with different viewpoints on God. Sigmund Freud in ‘From Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego’ argues that religion is an attempt at controlling the sensory world, by creating in man a sense of guilt, and then claiming to save mankind from this guilt they call sin. I say that religion is an effort of man creating God in his own image and after man’s own likeness, which might be the greatest impediment to finding the truth about God. Is God a Christian? Will it be true Christians, or Muslims or whoever who go to “heaven”? What of my ancestors who never heard of a Jesus, and worshipped their Gods, Gods which Christianity and other religions now forbid us to worship, will their lack of knowledge on Jesus lead then straight to ‘hell’? Which of all these Gods we have created is true? Isn’t religion man’s superficial view of a God he has not seen or felt yet, it is what man wants God to be. The founding of most major religions occurs years or probably decades after the death of the deity worshipped or revered. Did Jesus really found Christianity, or any other religion for that matter? Or was he teaching another way of life, outside religion, and was Christianity not founded years after his ‘ascension’ in to heaven? Did Prophet Muhammad (SAW) really establish Islam? Or did he fight against religion while simply teaching the way of peace? Are Brahman, Vishnu and Krishna really those who began the Hindu religion, or were they just articles to represent the power and purity of human life? No religion was actually formed and constituted by the people we worship and revere. We have overlooked the implication of those few Great Men who discovered the Truth and found God. They did not advocate for us to (nor did they) instigate religions in their names or based on their teachings, for then we would be creating God. We have been looking for God in the wrong places, in religious texts, heavens and buildings, outside ourselves, while all along God has been inside ourselves. Dr. Wayne Dyer says in ‘From Ambition to Meaning’ that you Are God. All the Holy Men in Christianity, Islam, Hindu and other religious texts achieved what we believe only God can achieve, commonly known as miracles. Muhammad’s, Jesus’ and other great spiritual leaders’ teachings show that these Holy Men advocate for individual spirituality and entice man to rise to a higher level of Godliness. They realized that we individually and collectively are God. Jesus taught that we are part of God, and His discovery that he was God made him achieve truth and freedom. The fullness of man, the end of all war, pestilence and pain rests with him discovering that he is God individually, and collectively with the rest of humanity. Man is far more than he has thought himself, his power, capabilities and intelligence spans far than he has yet to imagine. We can create, heal, give life, destroy it and have complete dominion over ourselves and the universe, even achieving immortality. Albert Camus says man doesn’t need God. Might he be right in that if man discovered he is God, he might have no need for a higher moral authority? We are making significant progress toward this realization through science as we become intellectually conscious of our divinity. Stephen Hawking also asserts that religion relies too much on miracles, and science has no place for miracles. However, only the spiritual consciousness of our divinity will reveal our human perfection. As we realize that we are part of God, and we all are God, we will stop fighting each other, and seek to achieve human perfection to create a Perfect Universe. If the few men who tapped into the God in them like Bill Gates, Jesus, Nelson Mandela, William Shakespeare, Mohammad, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Albert Einstein, Lord Buddha, Marie Currie and Tim Berners Lee could achieve so much for the whole universe in a moment, imagine what humanity could have achieved in a generation if we all tapped into the God in us? If all of us, to paraphrase Nietzsche in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, were to become Supermen? Being Gods in our own right? Therefore, Is religion a fallacy? And (as I believe ) God still alive? As the Mormon’s Sacred Text ‘The Teachings of Lorenzo Snow’ points out ‘As man now is, God once was; as God is now, man maybe.’ Could Man be becoming God?

How to Market Yourself

This article applies  to individual marketing( models, comedians) as to professional marketing(lawyers, florists), any product or and company marketing.

Nothing sells itself. I ‘assume’ most young people, like myself, run on a zero budget when starting off in business and therefore have relatively little resources to commit to marketing as compared to big companies. Proper marketing is the only tool that will increase your customer base, revenues and popularity. This article is about innovative ways to make yourself and your business reach the same audience  (with zero budgets) as industry kingpins, big enterprises and initiate as much sales as the highest people in your industry and big enterprises.

Let’s not lie, we judge most books by their covers. In our complex consumer world, aesthetic satisfaction have won over rationality.  How many  decisions and judgments do you make on things, people and ideas based on how they feel and look (or how they make us feel or look?). Even science is being shaped in the way that will appeal to today’s world. The flipside is that we tend to compromise quality and resources at the appeal of aesthetic satisfaction ( I’m wearing a  cold white sweater that makes me feel and look  cool which is  twice the price I could have bought a leather jacket for). There is a positive side for African young business people in all of this; that today’s consumers are fully modifiable to buy absolutely any  ‘cool’  product or service that appeals to their aesthetics. In today’s world, how a business is packaged and viewed is of equal, if not more, importance than how it is in real sense. And how to package yourself, your business, product or service is all about marketing. So here you go:

1. Use the Internet to do Something Positive–  If there ever was a miracle in business, it is the internet. Millions are generated everyday emanating from the use of the internet to market and sell products and services. About 60% of my business revenues have in one way or the other had something to do with my businesses’ internet presence. Problem is young people tend to use the internet as a consumption tool while wasting away time and reducing their productivity. How may hours do you spend on social sites? The global indiscriminate reach of the internet has made it wise people’s recipe for making money. Two days ago, I conversed on Facebook with a Mr. Jisan, a restaurant manager from Bangladesh who offered to share certain products  and information that will hopefully bring great improvement  to Canada Resort Kenya, a resort owned by a friend and which my company 3S (Services Solutions & Systems Kenya) has started managing. Social sites such as Facebook and  Twitter  are powerful tools to market yourself and your product. Open a Facebook page for your product, service or business and constantly promote it among your friends. Regular updates on your activities and product will definitely result in more audience and sales.

A website is as important today as a postal address was in the past decade.  Web presence speaks volumes on how are as a business. Setting up a  great website will cost less than 100 dollars. Not only are consumers able to get full access to your products and services at their location, but also you get ample space to communicate your brand to a global market. The guys at my company BTA(Business & Technology Africa) will help you set up a great website much cheaper  if you tell us you got the idea from my articles Smile. Call us up at 020242252 or 0700858660.

Linking with online professional sites such as LinkedIn and online business and professional clubs will help you create networks that will boost your client base, sales and reputation. Thing to remember with online marketing is to always remain sweet and professional. Send emails to prospective clients as much as possible but let them be relevant, straight forward but sweet enough to trigger response and action. You can email me at jobkasambyo@live.com. and ask for email and letter templates from my training and experiences.

2. Use your referrals– I received a call today from a prospective client who just entered into the hospitality industry and needs Wireless Internet  (Wi-Fi) installed for customers in his restaurants. Mr. Xavier was referred to my company by a telecommunications friend  Mr. Kimani, who I met November last year while he was registering mobile money payment for our clients whose business enterprises we manage. Mike from my company MBIO GROUP happened to be setting up Wi-Fi in one of the resorts at the time. Kimani didn’t forget my company sets up Wi-Fi and ended up hooking me up with this good money deal. Another way is to make your current customers refer you to their friends . Offer great service and deals and make  your clients your friends. Did I mention that we had sold Kimani a great laptop at a 10% discount at Christmas and  installed on it the latest programs he required for free? Offer reasonable friendly tied benefits, for example if you are a motivational speaker, offer to give a 20% off on speaking charges if the client refers you to two of his friends or people in a position to contract your services and they successfully accept to offer you an engagement .

3. Socialize, Socialize, Socialize– A friend attended a job search boot-camp last year that saw her meet with job seekers and corporates from various companies in the country. During the course of the training, there was a session on ‘pretending’ to create a pitch and presentation which she used to pitch a behavior change campaign program. Unknown to her, the head of communications and public relations for one of the largest companies in East Africa was one of the facilitators and had spend  months trying to think out the same campaign for support by the company. My friend ended up getting a well paying job from the fun exercise and attending a Ksh. 500 training boot camp on how to get a job. Be involved in social events as much as possible as the best and most beneficial business friendships are made in social gatherings.

Somebody said the largest business deals and decisions are not sealed in offices or boardrooms, but in drinking dens and golf courses. Last year I used to frequent a drinking place in Umoja in Nairobi called Miami where I met and made friends with great men from various industries; business, military, airports, construction and automobile industry.  I even contributed toward  functions such as burial meetings and such. I happened to once share that my company creates websites and got two website deals, one from a drinking buddy who had an international job placements company, the other from a the owner of a Nairobi private school.  The other place I used to frequent last year was Choma Zone along Thika road. As a rule, I always introduce myself by my name and the various business interests I engage in. This is said in a 30 seconds introductory statement I have made to describe who I am and what I do (They’re several and chosen depending on the audience). From my introductory statement at Choma Zone, in a night, I got CCTV security surveillance camera installation contracts for several homes and business premises of friends to a friend I had met there to seal a computer sales deal over drinks.

Go out there and meet people. After all they are the market you are talking about. And oh, Miami and Choma Zone aren’t frequented by the young folk, which is why I always made business there in the company of the old and wise. Palipo wazee hapaharibiki jambo!

4. You, Your Voice, Your Phone – These in another world are called personal and telemarketing, respectively. Most young people will establish a smart business or introduce a great product or service into the market then just sit there and wait for customers to flood in. These great products, businesses and services end up failing due to lack of customers. People love listening to people who offer solutions to their problems, people who give answers to their questions (if not, why are you reading this article?). And even if you  call a person and they are not interested in your solution, they at least know that there is a solution to a certain problem. People also like receiving “business-like” calls in Africa (at least for now).

In 2013, I had an innovative product (which I won’t disclose since I still think am the only one offering it in the market even to date Winking smile )  I had to sell to a certain fraction of political leaders who were rather hard to book appointments with and meet. After several frustrations by the staff at their offices, I gave up and sought a way to get in contact by phone. I got about phone numbers for about 200 of the prospected politicians. After preparing and practicing what I would say and ask each one of them, I finally called and got direct access and appointments with most that I called. I was now too busy and cancelling their appointments when I couldn’t fit them in to my schedule.

The Places Your Phone Can Take You! The Miracles your Phone Can Do!

Call that Senator, Call that Business Leader, Heck call the Pope if You Can! and sell!

5. Branding– Branding is very essential to you as a person selling their skills, as  a professional, as a product or service or as  a business.  By branding, I mean, be associated with a certain quality, value, attribute, attitude or industry. Branding makes the customers think “there’s you and then there’s the rest”. For example, I’ve checked various clients’ phones at certain places where I majored in offering IT solutions and systems and they have me named as ‘Job Computer Expert’ (I’m not the expert, my colleagues are) ‘Job IT’ or simply ‘Computer Guy’. Some others have named me ‘Job Web’ ‘Kasambyo J.B-Motivational Speaker’ , ‘Kasambyo- Shule.Net’ ( the name of our school management system) and  especially this one by a lady I loved ‘Jobu Skinny Jeans’(made me change a few things). Point is, when you brand yourself or your business, consumers link that product, service or even industry to you and you get ahead of your competition. When I say Soda, what do you think about? Coca-Cola Products? Consumers are always trying to associate you to certain qualities and if you don’t control and define those qualities, then you will remain among the rest or worse be associated with bad qualities.

Branding is easy. Find a special color, unique quality of your product or service, unique name or design for your product or service, a certain distinct appearance in the way you speak or wear, a unique office layout and associate that to your product. Then let your customers know through repeatedly reminding and acting those strong values and qualities in all your dealings with them.

In branding, be appealing, unique, real,simply the best and most importantly- ASSOCIATE YOUR BRAND TO YOUR INDUSTRY – and watch your market and revenues grow.  Good branding- OLX(Everything sells!, compare it with Faiba-We all know the name but have I have no idea how it works”

6. Partnerships, business ‘friendships’– I won’t say much on this but celebrities have grown out of simply being associated with the best of their industry. Businesses too have risen from scratch by partnering in activities with respected and established organizations. Find a respected established and successful person, business or brand and approach then with an offer asking them to come on board your project with some input or offer to join their project while bringing along some input such as some new innovative approach to business, technology or even yourself.

The customer base and loyalty of the partner tend to soften toward you and your reputation rises as you are associated with the best in the industry. Partnerships, as well as social events, can even be outside your industry. If you are a model, partner with NGOs, political leaders and corporates in their activities or find a way of bringing them to yours (shouldn’t be hard for a model to convince them Winking smile) .

7. Traditional Marketing – The use of the above means to market yourself, your product, service or company complements  traditional methods of marketing that I think are more than worthy of mention. Discounting, bonuses and after sale services are great ways of appealing to the market to buy your products and services by making it more affordable or valuable as it involves other benefits. People, especially Africans, always go where they will get more for less. A s a smart innovative young African entrepreneur I hope you will find a way of reducing your cost of production thus provide discounts, bonuses and after-sale services while still maintaining a reasonable profit margin in your business. I assure you if your product is great, then these traditional methods should increase your customer base, sales and reputation.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a great way to achieve marketing while still helping fellow humanity. When a corporate, individual or even government helps fellow humanity, it appeals to people’s inner feelings. Back in 2012, I  had a lady friend I had been trying to get to ‘upgrade’ me for some time. So on my birthday,  I decided celebrate by giving some joy to kids. She joined me and we spend the whole day having fun and sharing with kids in a children’s home. Though my intentions were to have fun and share  it with the kids, I ended up killing two birds with one stone.She later said that’s the day she fell in ‘love’ and yours truly got ‘upgraded’.

If you wanted your bus service to be the preferred in any route in Nairobi, what would you do? Graffiti?  Sorry, I have a better idea. Start   corporate social responsibility and paint your buses with the message that 10% of what your clients pay will go to providing meals for orphans in children’s homes. If you manage to keep charges the same as your competitors, I can see everybody waiting 5 more minutes for the bus that’s written “Ride with us and Let’s Provide A Meal for a Homeless Kid!”

Finally, friends, fortune favors the bold, go out there and chase your dreams, no matter how ridiculous and farfetched. I can assure you that if you want it bad enough, nature will conspire with you to succeed.


*Azah is the Arisazathan word for Hi, Good morning, afternoon, Evening, Good night, Goodbye, Welcome and Sorry and Thank you. Use it on friends today! Smile

#KasambyoOn 40 Points on Wealth Creation

So, you’re between eighteen and twenty-nine? And you want to be rich? Well, this is just a list of quotes you may find helpful, sorry, not any specific how-to stuff on the web works anyway, so I would prefer you learn from them, and put them into action, and yeah, you’ll find your own way of practicing the wisdom. Call them The Job’s 40 Points of Business Success.
1. “Everything started as nothing.”
Yes, the big fact that you’re probably penniless now doesn’t mean that you can’t change that nothing to everything. Reread quote back-word.
2. “To any entrepreneur: if you
want to do it, do it now. If you
don’t, you’re going to regret it.” –wpid-DSC01338-1.jpg
And that’s probably why you won’t get richer than your parents. Don’t wait for anything in your future or past, do everything NOW. So what are you waiting for? Get doing it already?  If you want it? you want it, go get it. Personal note: I hate procrastinators with a passion.
3. “If you’re not doing the things
that you love, then your life is not
worth living. What are you here
for?” – So you’ll complain to your inner-self and to the people around you and even to strangers that you don’t like the way blablabla. Free yourself, quit that law career that’s the source of your pain and pursue the music or drawing art that makes you happy. Chase your dream, be where you’re happy and money will follow. After all wealth is more to do with happiness than money. Be happier than your parents,  don’t let life or any system dictate what you’re going to do in life, let your heart lead you and it will lay you in green pastures.
4. “Manual labor sucks, dude.” –
Ok, Disclaimer! When I say this manual guys tend to take it personal. Yes,  to some manual work is appealing and rewarding physically and psychologically. Though we all agree to that, let’s face the facts where it sucks. One the aim of this post is to prepare you to exceed your parents, and manual work just doesn’t pay that much. Two, one principle of get rich quick stratagem is let money work for you, and not the other way. There’s little in manner of multitasked income you can do in manual labour. So forget it, think outside the manual labour cage.
5. “A lot of people have said that
the internet is a teenager. Guess
who understands a teenager best: a teenager.” Ok,  so what the heck are you saying? Simple, so you’re young? and  you want that mulla fast and easy? Simple answer= Internet. Teenagers and twenty’s guys happen to have their only niche in the internet. That’s where you are an authority,  so how do you rival the corporate kingpins of the 80’s and 90’s ? The internet and to a large extend the technology field is ripe with opportunities that nobody will ask for your 30 years experience or post-graduate diploma. Think Facebook, Google,  Android,  iOS, web apps. Just think unique and original,  then you’ll end up here.
6. “Start today, not tomorrow. If
anything, you should have started
yesterday. The earlier you start, the
more time you have to mess up ”
Yeah.. and need I say when you’re really trying to make money you’re gonna end up doing a whoole lot of messing up? I started early, so even when I mess up, am still ahead by a few miles, and that gives me more time in future. Stop complaining how little time is and use that time to make that mulla.
7. “There’s no committee that says,
‘This is the type of person who can
change the world – and you can’t.’
Realizing that anyone can do it is
the first step. The next step is
figuring out how you’re going to do it.” And so the question I ask most times is, if anybody could have become Bill Gates, or any black man Obama? Why didn’t they? Yeah a % of you will answer because not everybody is Barack Obama, and that’s the percentage that will remain poor for life. The othe % answer is because not everybody did it, only Obama did it. That’s the billionaires.
8. “Every single person I know who is successful at what they do is successful because they love doing it.” – See No. 3
9. “Over-deliver every time.” –
Yes and everywhere and in everything you do,  even in bed. That surplus is what makes you an edge richer than everyone else. If you don’t overdeliver, you’ll always be among or even below the mass.
10. “There is no reason to be
hesitant… becoming an entrepreneur is a learning
experience.” – Somebody feel like I’m repeating the same stuff. No, the earlier you get on, the more you learn. In an active entrepreneurship, we don’t say age is just a number,  its a one with multiple value, a value called experience and another called education.
11. “I could never learn what I’m
learning at college. They don’t
teach it there, because it can’t be
learned in that way.” –  This is kind of personal, if you get it,  pass. If you don’t,  young man, start reading deep and wide and for two reasons: you can’t grasp a simple logic statement and two, in business the only way to success is if you’ve a broad mastery, insight and understanding of almost anything and everything. I got my first big-time deal simply by my knowledge of classical music, though I didn’t like classical music then, I was deeply informed and when I met a prospective client who had a love for it, we bonded. I now love Mozart.
12. “You’ve got to stop doing all
the things that people have tried,
tested, and found out don’t work.”
– Simple and general, follow the proven rules. If something has been tested that it won’t sell or work in a certain market or condition,  please find another way. This means you must know the rules first so you don’t break them. It also means you research on products and markets to establish what does, doesn’t or is not likely to sell. You’ll save yourself alot of time, effort and money by that. I must point put here that alot of people get disappointed when they discover that a product they spend years or months on ‘diacovering and building ‘ , was discovered years before they were born. Save yourself the dissapointment, research, follow the rules but yes- find your own ways.
13. “I think what young people lack is the belief that they can be unique and extraordinary in life. Make the most of your age because you’re not going to be a young person forever!”
14. “You could have a million
ideas, but they’re all worthless if
you don’t get them done.”
15. “Success comes down to hard
work plus passion, over time. If
you work really, really hard over a long period of time, it will pay off.” Patience – I mean just that and persistence. Because young people dont get it fast nowadays lemme break it down further. Persistence means Dont Quit and patience means to work persistently, diligently and lastingly. Patience doesn’t mean ‘wait’ as most people define, waiting is procrastinating,  patience is working overtime,  irregardless of reward.
16. “If you have a goal, be
relentless in your pursuit.”
17. “I just try to think of myself as
an entrepreneur who happens to be a teen.” – Oh I said this in some adult conference I was a guest speaker at the age of 19. And it stuck, that’s why it’s here. Sense is it doesn’t matter where you are in the age number line, we in the same world, same opportunities,  threats and same chances of success. Do it now! Don’t let your age stigmatize you.
18. “I’m going to reinvent the
wheel. My vision of the wheel is
unique.” – Innovate. Pick a western product,  change the design and lower the price abit,  and somebody will buy it. Add a little features for improvement,  and that’s your innovation, in your common language it’s modification.
19. “I would like to be the messed- up child Steve Jobs, Mark
Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Tim
Ferriss of this generation – morphed into super-
genius entrepreneur” Do you?
Then do what they did!
20. “It’s not about how many
years of experience you have. It’s
about the quality of your years of
experience.” – On point for all young people.
21. “If you’re not making
mistakes, then you’re not making
decisions.” – People fear losing so much, that they forget winning. I won’t lie like most life-coaches that I like mistakes or exams,  I actually do loath them. But at a certain point you’ve got to reason that it keeps you there just staying at the same spot just because you fear the decision you make is gonna be a mistake. Move a step in any direction,  if it ends up the right one, life’s good. If it makes you stumble and fall, well? you’ve atleast moved a step, wake up and move another. In the end,  even if you stumble and fall every step,  you’ll end up at the top of the hill.
22. “If you pursued something
that you felt strongly about, then I call that success.”
23. “I like the idea of working
hard now, so you can earn big
later.” Yes, sometimes working now doesn’t pay off now, but when you’re forty. But work anyway, you’re saving for a lunch twenty years to come.
24. “Failures are the stepping
stones to success.” I just said that in 21.
25. “I hope my companies will
help create value and make people happier in the long run. That’s what I’m in it for.”
In another post here on moneymaking, I began by saying that money shouldn’t be your prime motivation,  find an inspiring cause within yourself, that will lead you to the money. That’s one of my motivations to work. What’s yours?
26. “All of my friends were doing
shitty jobs. I wanted money
without the job.”  I mean self-employment friends. The only way you’ll ever be richer than your parents in your teens and twenties. The only way you’ll determine your salary, your type,  amount and productivity of your work,  the only place you can decide your destiny. Got it? Start your own thing. Company, dance group, product or even sell yourself. I say I am not a businessman, I am a business, man.
27. “The hardest part about being
an entrepreneur is that you’ll fail
ten times for every success.”  I wish somebody could count my business scars, that person would never give up again. Surprisingly failing just gives you more drive and madness to move foward with greater and renewed strength, though I don’t particularly like failing,  I’ve come to accept it as one of the most vital natural occurences that move my business from A to B.
28. “It was just one year ago that I
realized that what I was doing was
entrepreneurship. Just two weeks
ago, I learned how to spell it
[laughs].” Entrepreneurship, like management, isn’t something you learn in books, or by definition.That’s why most straight honors graduates in Management mostly turn out the worst real-time managers and ruin the businesses they manage. Entrepreneurship is an art and a science you perfect by daily actions, so forget articles like this one, go out there and learn it by starting a business.
29. “You always want to surround
yourself with people who are
rooting for you and who want you
to succeed. Stay away from the
naysayers who couldn’t do it
Most people will agree with me that the lowest moments in life mostly involve when we are degraded, insulted or labeled with a bad reputation. Those moments personally literally kill me. Like when somebody jealous  to amuse and popularize himself in my university ran rumours that  I am the poorest person in campus, it hurt for sometime when it reached me. But those close people I take out for dinners, parties and stuff really pray and encourage. Sometimes I get the impression I’m working just to give my friends a ‘wow’ moment,  when it happens, and I get that pet in the back, then am all inspired again and forget the voices of dissent.
30. “You should always stay
hungry. Stay hungry, so you can
eat.” It’s never over yet, until your last heartbeat. If it’s enjoyable, you’ll want to do it all the time and everytime. I’m writing this article at 03:30am, I’ve not gone to bed basically because I’ve been doing things I enjoy,  writing code, playing guitar, preparing my presentation for a high school motivational speaking event tomorrow, reading, and now sharing knowledge with you here. I love these things, I won’t quit, I keep hungry to do more and more.
31. “If you can’t communicate,
you’re going to find yourself a
lonely businessperson.” Business starts and ends with communication. Learn some basic people skills,  then advance to profound and complex business communication skills and finally you can come back to me for secret communication skills that are bound to strike that deal when blended with the basic.
32. “I don’t want to look too far
ahead. The journey is what’s
happening right now, not what’s on the finishing line.” Talking of finishing lines, what if your finishline was in a year? Yes, then every second would matter. Factually speaking,  it doesn’t matter when or where your finishing line is, because it is in the end those years, those months, which were made of those days, which were made of those hours, which were made of those minutes and which are made of this second; that you use to make that difference.
33. “Starting your own business is
like riding a roller coaster. There
are highs and lows and every turn
you take is another twist. The lows are really low, but the highs can be really high. You have to be strong, keep your stomach tight, and ride along with the roller coaster that you started.”
Am tired of explaining simple stuff.
34. “If you start with nothing and
end up with nothing, there’s
nothing lost.”
There’s nothing to lose by trying, the worst you can do by going into business is actually at one time in future the broke guy you are today. So,  why not give it a try anyway.
35. “The biggest failure you can
have in life is not trying at all.” Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.
36. “If you’re not in an
uncomfortable situation every
single day, then you’re doing
something wrong.”
Until the world you dream and pray is in reality perfect( courtesy of your work) there should be no inner laxity, and that just means keep working. Some of us never stop dreaming, and therefore never stop reaching out to those dreams every second of our lives.
37. “If you can find people who
think that what you’re doing is
great, they’re going to do
everything in their power to make it a success.”
And the secret is, don’t do it for show,  or money,  or fame. Do it that you may create a better world, then you’ll attract all the neccesary things to make that dream come true; money, fame, power..etc these things shouldn’t be the end of the means of life. Listen to that inner voice in your heart that cries for something to be done, then with that aim, do something. Everything else comes falling as we go by.
38. “All that you need to become
an entrepreneur and change the
world is a working brain – and
pretty much nothing else.”
I say this all the time. Stupid people can’t become entrepreneurs, can you become one? Then look below.
39. “Make it happen now, not
tomorrow. Tomorrow is a loser’s
excuse.” And just to finish this off
40. Get more money than your parents combine this year,  just to prove yourself right.

And Oh! 41. Leave a comment or like friends.

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#KasambyoOn Top 5 Billion-Dollar Business Opportunities in Africa

The most successful
entrepreneurs are those who
don’t follow the herd
anticipate the needs of the
market earlier than the
competition. Of course, such
anticipation is not without risk,
but the payout can be
considerable. After all, seminal
inventions, such as the
automobile, the Internet, and the
smartphone, were all regarded
with high degrees of skepticism
when first introduced. But It’s hard to predict the future,
especially if you’re still struggling
to figure out what’s happening in
today’s economy. But predicting
the future is exactly what you need to do if you’re enrolling in college, starting a fresh career, or investing in new skills or business.
As I usually say A true entrepreneur must possess the gift of prophecy in business; always remember a prophet’s strength is not foresight, but insight. On top of a gambler’s passion and the ability to take leaps of faith by blind risks, an entrepreneur should be able to learn, keep track and analyse oftenly the past and  present minute trends in his/her business environment. The insight from these trends will more often predict the million dollar investments of tomorrow. Africa is however a special case. Despite the immerse entreprenueral potential of Africa, we must acknowledge that Africa has just recently begun sprouting as a business hub and thus it’s a complex and risky process for entrepreneurs to invest since no strongly established trends exist- one major reason why most start-up businesses fail in Africa is that lack of extensive trends for predicting the market trends. This article provides just that by analyzing the probably most anticipated the next twenty years’ top-five billion-dollar business opportunities for today’s African entrepreneur.
1. Computer Engineering and Technology- I don’t just mean computers, ipads, PDAs, tablets and mobile devices. It ranges from software development for gadgets, to web development, to technology devices sales, to data management systems for key business organizations,  telecommunications companies,  government organisations and so forth; this seems the top infinite market that seems to be plummeting each year in Africa. and this technology market won’t get saturated in the next fifty years. Oh!  How about an Africa owned company like Dell? Or Microsoft? Google? Facebook? Just be innovative.
2. Finance
The movement and
management of money is
technically getting complex in Africa, and is integral to most growing companies. This is aided by the rapid industrialization and development taking place in Africa, the outrageously growing consumer market and a bit of entrepreneural culture.  Plus,
nontraditional investing firms such as hedge funds and private-equity firms are likely to grow as the traditional banking sector complies
with regulations and reins in
risk-taking taking effect in Africa. That means there will
be more need for finance experts. There may even be a shortage as students once interested in finance
veer into other fields, turned off by the world financial crisis and the vilification of banks. Look at equity bank, anybody smelling this? Somebody start a bank, or a trust fund, or just aim for CEO in finance.
3. Scientific Research.
I say to find an opportunity in Africa, look at what we import. From medical research,  to industrial and mechanical research, Africa imports its medical supply, its industrial machinery. Though initial capital in research is high and the return on investment uncertain,  I still forsee a breakthrough in medical research and industrial discovery that will result in great infrastructural health strides and industrial development with African goods. Think of research into new antibiotics, new African design cars and even HIV/AIDS ARV research.
4. Education
A friend told me education shouldn’t be on my list, I begged to differ for some reasons. Basically, For two reasons,  Africa has the greatest number of school-leavers and even employed persons seeking to get that diploma, degree or post graduate diploma. The first is the pressure from the first and second world for Africa to catch up on education due to a global market for human resources. The other is that unlike the first and second world, African governments lack the capacity to accommodate it’s population of education seekers. Thus there’s a market gap in education in African countries until the governments can fill it in- which won’t happen in 20 years. A private teaching career, a private college or university will bring in millions. Did you think of Mount Kenya University?
5. Entertainment
Thanks to an already well established framework of media infrastructure in Africa, with proper marketing and the right product,  entertainment will be a booming venture for the next 20 years. Talk about music production, the movie industry, television and radio networks, modelling,  talkshows,  comedy shows and such. Just find your niche, aim with your best short, and the millions will be there. Should I quote Royal Media Services or Nollywood?

As I finalise, I’ll state firmly that you don’t neccesarily need to be a guru in computer technology to venture into technological businesses. I am the founder of a conpany that deals with high-end technology business solutions none of which I understand the full geek stuff. I recently contracted one of my university lecturers in IT to write the code for a school management software I wanted, despite not knowing anything about programming then, my company is the proud owner of the first School Management System optimized for Kenyan schools.
The point is, look at SK Macharia,  he can’t pass as a journalist or anchor, but he’s the media mogul in Kenya. You need to start a school?  Get the people to teach, pay them, you dont need to be a teacher. An entrepreneur identifies and singles out the opportunity, then organises the factors of production (land, labour and capital) to produce, then rests to enjoy the profit… or loss. So footnote one is: Though it helps to have the knowledge, You don’t neccesarily need to be a professional in the field to venture into business in that field and succeeed. Employ a genetic engineer and start that bio-tech.
Last clarification- who said you need money to make money. A friend today shared with me that ‘you just have to work out with what you have, it’s more than what you need’ Everything starts on a zero-budget. If you wait to get money so that you may make money, forget it; neither of the two will happen. Start small, and rise to greatness. 3 years down the line with a growing company and I’ll admit it,  yes, I sometimes run it on a zero-budget. How? I chose the ventures of the future whose bottom-line is: THE BUSINESSES OF THE FUTURE MOSTLY HAVE LOW OR NO INITIAL(START-UP) CAPITAL, THEY MUST HAVE THE LOWEST OPERATING CAPITAL BUT HAVE THE HIGHEST RETURN ON INVESTMENT(ROI – you can call it profitability)
That’s why it’s a gift to live in the 21st century. With little or no capital or professional base, you can be the wealthiest man in the world.

#KasambyoOn Becoming a Young African Millionaire

Being alive, an African, young and probably abit well-off  in the 21st century is really a gift for me, and many others with a keen eye and mind, it is mostly because of this seemingly infinite expanse of globally equal opportunity for prosperity and growth. These endless windows have taught me alot of life lessons. But the greatest of them all has been that for every generation, past or future, the earth contains excessively more than would suffice its population’s wildest extravagances.  It has also taught me that there are no natural limits of space and time for mankind, but only artificial limits of mind and energy. I have learned that a man’s thoughts, attitudes and actions determine his altitude.
From my experience of three short years in business in which I’ve had the priviledge of meeting thousands of all nature and manner of people from CEOs to the struggling unemployed, from poor starving children to the children of millionaires; I’ve studied the uniqueness of each individual, harnessed each strength and weakness and finally I’ve convinced myself that there’s at least some good and gift in everybody’s life, and if discovered and capitalized upon, I know that all those people I met would be millionaires in a year. And that’s why this article is about how young African men and women can become millionaires in a year.
1. Be inspired- and not by the money.
Want to become a millionaire? DON’T FOCUS ON THE MONEY. Find a genuinely positive reason why you need a million and a good cause you can use the millon on. My first inspiration was to build my mother a good house therefore I started my company MBIO GROUP at the age of 18. Think,  Dream and Plan how you intend to change your family, society and world with that money. MONEY ISN’T EASY TO GET. Most people who want money for its own sake give up easily because THE MONEY as an end IS NOT WORTH the struggle, and that’s why they don’t get it. From experience, having money is actually dispiriting. Having a dream provides the energy, the motivation, it keeps you going and finally brings happiness when you achieve the thing that inspired you. Want something else so bad that chasing a million will be worthy it.
2. Knowledge
This is where most people will stop reading. Knowledge isn’t boring thousand-page books on complex theories only. We all find that one or two areas of know-how that interest and send our minds and bodies to actions. That is your talent and gift. To some it’s dancing salsa, others poetry, to others acting, to others programming and even others motivational speaking. Don’t ever get deceived that you need a degree to bring change into the world or get rich for that matter -the world’s poorest people are those with degrees. I learned web development from a borrowed computer, learned and wrote code on another borrowed computer and even created my first software without a formal classroom.  Psychology scientists have established that we harness only 2% of our total mind potential and the rest is goes to waste. Imagine what can be achieved if you achieved your full mental capacity!  Gain knowledge in what you love, use that knowledge to bring change to the world and rest assured the world has a million-dollars for you.
3. Don’t wait or look for opportunity,  Create it!
When I ask alot of people I’ve met (who ironically have immerse knowledge, are extremely gifted and enviably talented) why they haven’t improved their lives, I get an answer translatable to ‘I don’t have/ haven’t yet gotten/waiting for..blablabla.. an opportunity, money, connections..blablabla ‘ Stop whining you _! Get out there and create your opportunity! Life isn’t waiting for you to get your opportunity why are you waiting for it to? Bang into offices, write applications, get vocal and social about yourself,  kill somebody if you have to!(no, literally) Market yourself. Create, shape and clear your own path, that’s the stuff entrepreneurs are made of. I often say YOU DON’T NEED MONEY TO MAKE MONEY. The bottom line is, in the end, every successful person starts with nothing short of themselves. Put me in any city,  give me just food and a sleeping place,  come after a week and I’ll be owning several property there. Simple, I create the opportunities.
4. Money is a plant- a crop specifically
At this point you should have started getting money from 1-3. Rule 4 is slightly large for the space needed, I’ll especially dedicate a latter post for the analogy. Just think of a crop,  you plant it, water it,  wait for it to mature, harvest, eat some, store the rest, sell for a profit at the right time, plant again- yea – you get the point it’s a cycle. I’ll point out the most important. One, unless on good soil(investment, market), your money won’t germinate, it needs timing, it’s  capital and human intensive, it can’t grow unless reinvested but most importantly, spend less than you earn. That’s the secret. Don’t change lifestyles instantly with an increment in income, let your money grow, let it reach a level where a change of lifestyle wouldn’t affect its growth. Look and feel like any other person of your age, that’s the price to pay for wealth.
5. Think Within and Without Africa
I reflect on my work three years ago and realise that Africa is a long way off from achieving politico-socio-economic development.  Unfortunately for some,  this has been the excuse for living uncommitted lives and even migration to the developed world. That’s a mistake. The undeveloped nature of Africa just serves as a window for more opportunity,  more work to be done and eventually more money to be made. We need chemical companies,  movie cities, car assemblies,  computer hardware and software assemblers, modelling agencies, infrastructure companies, more writers, more interior designers,  more spiritual leaders, more.. more.more… And in anything you put your whole effort in here in Africa, you can be the first to form a multinational company.
6. Don’t waste your 20’s and 30’s
Lastly, do something with your young life. And make sure it pays everyday. It may not at first,  but stick to it, and it will pay far more than you’re able to use in fulfilling your African Dream. ( Talking of The African Dream, that’s the title of my next article)
Visualize beyond the ridge of contemporary challenges, Because Life’s a Gift and keep dreaming.